Technology Specialist

Linux System

What Can I Do to Help Your
Business Succeed?

Design / Build / Maintain

Decades of experience maintaining fleets of PCs, Macs, servers, network equipment, wi-fi, and firewalls.

Websites / Email / DNS

Built websites and managed servers hosting websites. Managed email servers since the beginning of time. Well versed in DNS mysteries.

Malware Mitigation

Have had success routing out rogue programs on servers. As a software engineer for a hosting service, I oversaw the security of hundreds of websites operated by other webmasters.

Automated Backups

Automated backups are needed to preserve the integrity of your computer information.

Cloud Service Migration

Help moving your information all around.
I've done a lot of it.


Purchased, installed, and maintained computing equipment throughout their entire life-cycles.

Is Your Company Growing?

I can help. I managed all of the computers, servers, and networks for Mystery Ranch Backups as they grew ten fold in a decade.