Tabbed Display of Document Sections

The jquery.mtabify.js script is a jQuery addon that is used to assemble sections of a document into tabbed panels.


Example 1
This example illustrates the simplest usage of mTabify. Just identify which <div> sections to include in the collection and supply the names of the tabs as a comma separated string.
Example 2
This example executes the mTabify script with all it's options specified.
Example 3
This example shows how Example 1 works by taking three sections and building the tabbed panels.
Example 4
This example repeats Example 2 but instead of dynamically making the HTML <ul> tags to use for the tabs, they are instead supplied in the document.


The jquery.mtabify.js script is a superset of Jan Jarfalk's jquery.tabify.js script that was found at In my script, the tabs are dynamically built if they are not supplied in the HTML document.